Private Training

Urban Culture Boot Camp
We all want our dogs to be model citizens in public. A well trained dog walking by your side who can turn a few tricks is much easier to handle than a dog that is pulling you for that chicken bone at the curb.

Your dog will learn how to do more than just fancy tricks on command. Since pulling is such a common and frustrating obedience problem that comes with adopted adult dogs, we will work extensively on “heeling” from the moment we start until we finish. We will focus on name recognition, friendly eye contact, recall, and of course sit, lay down, stand, give paw, and so on. This is a program best for dogs who are social or indifferent to other dogs and have little to no prey drive but need to learn some serious manners.

Program Breakdown
1 month program
8 “While You Work” Sessions – 2 Weekdays 2-4 hour sessions with a “lunch  break” while you work (if you have a dog walker, we recommend keeping them on schedule to work with us on their walk as well as this benefits your dog if everyone is consistent.
2 Weekend 2 Hour Sessions – We spend 1 hour with your dog working on what they have learned and one hour with you so you can be consistent and keep your dog on their toes.